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Renovation Québec Program

What is this program?

The Renovation Québec Program provides financial assistance for renovations to residential buildings or dual-purpose residential buildings which have major defects to the: structure, exterior walls, roof, electricity, plumbing, heating, or galleries or porches.

Are there specific constraints?

  • Minimum costs of eligible works is $5,000 per dwelling unit or $2,500 per room (rooming house);
  • Works must be carried out after being authorized by the city of Sherbrooke;
  • This program is aimed at specific sectors in each municipality. Please consult the different maps of the boroughs on the city of Sherbrooke website
  • Works must be carried out by a contractor holding a licence from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

How much financial assistance can be expected?

The grant is equivalent to 50% of admissible costs. Please consult the program document, found in this section, to determine the maximum grant for a room, studio, three-room apartment, four-room apartment, five-room apartment, and apartment with more than five rooms.

Please consult this document to find out the conditions you must comply with.

How can it be obtained?

You must contact the city of Sherbrooke’s Urban Development and Planning Department and make an official request. In addition, there is a $100 (non-refundable) fee for your case study analysis. Other fees are applicable according to the number of units in your residential building.