Commerce Sherbrooke

Réno façade

What is the Réno façade program?

Réno façade supports retailers in their desire to embellish the façade of their establishment or place of business: restoration, masonry, bringing out architectural elements and features, etc.

What works are admissible?

  • Renovation of the main façade. Exposed façades on the side or rear are also admissible;
  • Preservation and improvement of old-style cachet and architecture of a building;
  • Preservation of materials, in particular distinctive architectural elements or features;
  • Repairs or cleaning of masonry or wood façades;
  • Repairs or improvements to windows, doors, ornaments and details, and protruding elements;
  • Restore elements or features on the building that are in poor condition;
  • Transformation making the building safer or more functional.

Are there specific constraints?

This grant cannot be obtained for the renovation of building façades on the side and rear if the main façade is in poor condition and is not part of planned renovation.

The financial assistance program for façade renovations applies to establishments on King East Street, between Kennedy Street and the 15th Avenue. In order for you to better visualize the area serviced by this program, please consult the map included in the financial program document.

How much financial assistance can be expected?

The total amount of financial assistance granted is equivalent to one third the actual cost of works, without exceeding $50,000.

How can it be obtained?

You must deposit an official request to the city of Sherbrooke’s Urban Development and Planning Department. Please consult the available document in this section for further information as well as the specific documents required.

You must also plan on a $100 (non-refundable) fee for your case study analysis. A deposit of $678 may also be requested for a sketch by the Rues Principales Foundation illustrating the general architectural direction planned for your building.