Commerce Sherbrooke

Programme d’aide à la rénovation des bâtiments et locaux commerciaux (Financial assistance program for renovating commercial buildings and premises)

What is this program?

This renovation program for exterior and interior renovations is aimed specifically at commercial buildings and premises in downtown Sherbrooke.

What renovation works are admissible?

Many works aimed at restoring façades, preserving architectural details or elements or refurbishing certain exterior features are admissible. In addition, many interior improvement and renovation works to commercial premises are admissible. Consult the program document found in this section for detailed information on eligible renovation works.

Are there specific constraints?

  • The commercial buildings or premises must be located in downtown Sherbrooke. In order to view the eligible area, consult the chart included in the program document;
  • Selected commercial premises must obligatorily be located on the ground floor of a commercial building;
  • Regular or normal maintenance work is not included in this program;
  • Costs of renovation works must be greater than $500.

How much financial assistance can be expected?

Financial assistance may represent one third of the total cost of renovations up to $50,000. Assistance, representing one third of service costs, up to $1,000 may also be obtained for professional plan and estimate services.

How can it be obtained?

You must contact the city of Sherbrooke’s Urban Development and Planning Department and make an official request. In addition, there is a $100 (non-refundable) fee for your case study analysis. Please consult the available document in this section for further information as well as the specific documents required.