Commerce Sherbrooke

Regulation Regarding Leasing of Land to Install a Deck or Terrace

This regulation stipulates the conditions for leasing a portion of the property owned by the city of Sherbrooke for the installation of a deck or terrace adjacent to a restaurant or food establishment.

The lease agreement between the city of Sherbrooke and the commercial establishment is valid for a 5-month period, from May to October, and includes an annual contract renewal. Rental cost includes a lump sum payment of $200 plus $1.25/sq.ft.

Planning and Installation Criteria

The terrace may be operational from the last Monday of the month of April to the Saturday closest to September 15.

Located at a minimum distance of 1.80 metres from the road edge, the terrace must be built in compliance with the plans and specifications submitted by the tenant prior to signing the lease agreement.

The terrace may have soft roofing and be surrounded by a flexible, transparent, and flame resistant screen. It must have bistro-type tables in coloured resin, wrought iron, rattan, or teak. The presence of consistently uniform sun umbrellas is authorized.

The terrace must have an adequate number of exits according to occupant capacity and must not hinder the exits of the commercial establishment.

Terms and Conditions

The advertisement of only one sponsor on the terrace is permitted and authorized only on the sun umbrellas. No cooking and no automatic dispensers are authorized on the terrace.

Mood music is permitted on the terrace until 11 pm and music-related activities must end before 9 pm.

The terrace must be maintained and kept in a good, clean state.

The city of Sherbrooke may request the removal of the terrace, in whole or in part, without compensation, in order to perform works or for occasional municipal activities.