Commerce Sherbrooke


Is Commerce Sherbrooke an advocacy group?

No. Commerce Sherbrooke is an organization which promotes commercial activities; it is a valuable commercial development planning and analysis tool and acts as an advisory committee for the City Council. Commerce Sherbrooke’s unbiased opinions help elected officials make informed decisions.

I only want to expand my current business; can I use Commerce Sherbrooke services?

Commerce Sherbrooke is a key partner for all types of commercial projects, whether for business expansion, transfer, or a franchise acquisition. The tools provided by Observatoire commercial and the Commerce Sherbrooke team will enable you to make a well-informed decision, whatever your project may be.

My activity sector is not listed in the high demand activity sectors; does this mean that there is no commercial opportunity for me?

No. We provide a list of the high demand sectors for information purposes only. In no way does this mean that there is no commercial or business opportunity for you. Certain sectors are less in demand but remain essential to Sherbrooke’s commercial development. Our goal here is to help you identify your needs with regards to your clients, to target eventual markets for your products and services, and find the best location for your business.

Can I access the Observatoire commercial database directly from the Commerce Sherbrooke website?

Yes. The website provides relevant demographic data, presents an inventory of the high demand activity sectors in Sherbrooke, provides a list of vacant premises and allows you to search through its vast business directory. For more information on commercial opportunities, contact the Commerce Sherbrooke team.

What is the difference between a Chamber of Commerce and Commerce Sherbrooke?

The Chamber of Commerce is a business network whose goal is to further the growth of its business community and to defend the interest of its members whereas Commerce Sherbrooke is an organization whose goal is to promote commercial development throughout the entire territory of the city of Sherbrooke.

What are the benefits of Commerce Sherbrooke’s website for Sherbrooke residents?

Commerce Sherbrooke’s website offers a comprehensive commercial directory which helps perform easy searches per business type, street or company name. The site also informs citizens about ongoing commercial projects in the area.

What can the Observatoire commercial add to my commercial implementation project?

The Observatoire commercial helps you quickly identify and assess the business opportunities of your commercial project. It also provides access to a wealth of information on available commercial premises, their characteristics (location, floor area, municipal assessment, etc.), as well as the contact information of the tenants and owners. Consulting the Observatoire commercial database will help speed up your information research process and increase your chances of success in your commercial venture.

If I want to open a retail business but am not a member of a commercial initiative association, do I have access to Commerce Sherbrooke services?

If you want to open a retail business and are not a member of a commercial initiative association or organization, you do have access to Commerce Sherbrooke services. In addition, they will notify you if a commercial initiative organization corresponds to your profile and needs.