Commerce Sherbrooke

Commercial initiatives

What is a commercial initiative?

Often, merchants from certain sectors want to work together on a collective or group project in order to spur commercial development in their area.

There are five commercial initiatives organized in Sherbrooke: Rues principales King Est (King East), Association des marchands de la rue King Ouest (King West Street Merchants Association), Centre-ville (Downtown), Rues principales Chemin de Saint-Élie (Saint-Élie Road), and Rues principales Boulevard Bourque (Bourque Boulevard).

Rues principales King Est

This project’s mission is to revitalize King East Street with regards to promotional events and activities, economic development and physical improvements between Kennedy Street and 13th Avenue.

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Le Chemin de Saint-Élie

Areas of strengths to develop

This part of the city is currently experiencing vigorous growth. There are a number of areas of strength upon which to capitalize on in order to fully develop the commercial potential of this area. The population has a strong feeling of belonging, an active community life, strong economic potential provided by the area’s strategic location, dynamic businesses, nearby stores offering competitive prices, adequate parking, etc.

Actions to take

The group has identified specific actions it will take over the next few years:

  • Create a global vision for the development of the area;
  • Devise an integrated development plan consistent with sustainable development policies;
  • Harmonize regulations regarding store signs;
  • Improve safety on Route 220;
  • Foster the development of external connections between the school and residential sectors;
  • Install quality urban outdoor furniture;
  • Encourage storefront renovation by setting up incentives;
  • Encourage merchants to improve and embellish their retail space;
  • Reduce light pollution;
  • Develop appealing nearby stores and shops;
  • Increase the number of quality restaurants;
  • Address the needs of travel retail;
  • Promote networking among business people;
  • Take advantage of commercial zoning effectiveness and ease on Route 220;
  • Promote the sector’s distinctive features;
  • Implement tools in order to gain better visibility;
  • Develop an annual program;
  • Etc.

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Le Centro

This initiative aims at creating a 10-year strategic development plan for downtown Sherbrooke.

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