Commerce Sherbrooke


Photo 3 Gilles Marcoux

Gilles Marcoux

directeur général

Gilles Marcoux has been working in commercial development for 15 years. He was the Executive Director of both the Société de développement commercial du Quartier Latin (a business development organisation for the Latin Quarter in Montreal) and the Société de développement commercial du centre-ville de Joliette (a business development organisation for Joliette city centre). Since 1999, he has been at the head of the Corporation de développement du centre-ville de Sherbrooke (the organisation focussed on the development of Sherbrooke’s city centre). During this time, the organisation developed specific expertise in commercial revitalisation, a field of work that is now led by Commerce Sherbrooke.

Photo Christiane Poitras

Christiane Poitras

secrétaire de direction

In 1992, Christiane Poitras was the secretary/receptionist at the Comité de développement et d’aménagement du centre-ville, the predecessor of the Corporation de développement du centre ville (the organisation focussed on the development of Sherbrooke’s city centre) which was launched in 1996. She has developed a wide-range of skills making her an essential part of the team. Her years of experience with the organisation have given her an acute knowledge of the different projects, and she is a living memory of the progress made in this critical area of work.

Anne Lietard

Anne Liétard

chargée de projet à l’animation et la concertation et à l’Observatoire commercial

Originally from Belgium, Annie Liétard spent 4 years as a project manager for the Corporation de développement du centre-ville de Sherbrooke (the organisation focussed on the development of Sherbrooke’s city centre) before becoming a project manager for Commerce Sherbrooke’s unique tool, L‘Observatoire commercial. With a background in education, she is inquisitive in nature and learns quickly. This has been of great advantage in her work, allowing her to gain new expertise and skills. She also manages the organisation’s website.

Sophie Labbé

chargée de projet à l’animation et la concertation

Sophie Labbé graduated from Sherbrooke University with a degree in geography and remote sensing. With a plethora of experience at community, municipal and business levels, she is widely considered to be a compelling and engaged professional. She has developed her skills in event organising, allowing her to gain a deep understanding of the different ways she can engage and mobilise the neighbourhoods and communities she works with. She is currently the project manager for the Rues Principales program in Sherbrooke and the revitalisation program on east King Street is renowned for its dynamism. This has led her to not only be nominated 3 times a provincial finalist at the annual Rues Principales Foundation conference, but to win the overall award twice.

Photo Philippe Cadieux

Philippe Cadieux

chargé de projet à l’animation et la concertation et responsable des communications

Philippe Cadieux graduated in applied political science before gaining a masters in environmental studies from Sherbrooke University’s Centre for Environmental and Sustainable Development Studies. He has spent 6 years working as development officer in and around the Eastern Townships, specialising in project development, community engagement and communications.

Photo Jérémy Dépault

Jérémy Dépault

chargé de projet à l’urbanisme commercial

A graduate of the University of Quebec at Montreal’s urban design program, Jérémy Dépault came back to Sherbooke having gained a solid background in multidisciplinary work. A well-rounded person who is infinitely curious by nature, he is interested in the challenges and risk associated to local politics and regional development.

Photo Geneviève Therrien

Geneviève Therrien

chargé de projet au développement commercial

After obtaining both an undergraduate and a masters degree in marketing at Sherbrooke University, Geneviève Therrien had the opportunity to work in her field of expertise in Europe. She now wants to use and share her expertise in Sherbrooke in order to help investors’ develop their businesses.

Photo 2 JS Roy

Jean-Sébastien Roy

chargé de projet à l’animation et la concertation

Jean–Sébastien Roy holds a masters in applied political studies from Sherbrooke University and is currently in charge of the consultation process for the Chemin de Saint-Élie revitalisation program. Sherbrooke born and bred, he is particularly sensitive to the issues revolving around sustainable commercial development in the different neighbourhoods. An avid fan, follower and believer in new technologies, he wishes to amalgamate his skills and understanding of these technologies in order to further advance Sherbrooke’s commercial development.

Photo Maurice Demers

Maurice Demers

commis à la vérification de données

For the past two years, Maurice Demers has been collecting and verifying the data emanating from L’Observatoire Commercial for Commerce Sherbrooke. Throughout the years, he has developed specialised expertise in this type of data collection. His wealth of experience, coupled with his professionalism, have been crucial in the advancement of L’Observatoire Commercial, a central element to the effective development of Sherbrooke’s commercial structure.