Commerce Sherbrooke


Daniel Chasse

Daniel Chassé

Owner and President of Gestocopie, Daniel Chassé has developed strong ties with the economic development of Sherbrooke over the past 25 years. He has volunteered time working with numerous economic development organizations such as the Board of Directors of the Association des fondations d’établissements de santé du Québec, Groupe Duplitec, Pro-Gestion Estrie, the Chamber of Commerce of Sherbrooke, and the Chamber of Commerce of Quebec to name a few.

Kateleen Gelinas

Kateleen Gélinas

Kateleen Gélinas has run her own law firm in the borough of Brompton for over 10 years. Specialized in business law, she is very active in the Sherbrooke community and serves on various committees such as the borough of Brompton urban planning advisory committee and the Brompton arts and culture committee.

Benoit Jeanson

Benoît Jeanson

Benoît Jeanson holds a doctorate in Business Administration and is a Master’s degree E-commerce course lecturer at Université de Sherbrooke. He has developed strong ties with the commerce and urban planning sector and is also a business development mentor.


Simon Audet

Simon Audet obtained a Masters in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour from the University of Guelph before joining Progestion Estrie in 2011. He became the Director of Sales and Marketing for The Royal Bromont Golf Club prior to being offered the Executive Director position, his current post. Committed to his community, he has at heart Sherbrooke’s commercial development.


Daniel Pellerin

Daniel Pellerin has been the director of Phoenix Disaster Restoration since its inception in 2005. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, he is well known in the business world. He prides himself on his lateral thinking skills and, firmly believing that Sherbrooke is a first-class city, wishes to put these skills to good use for Commerce Sherbrooke.