Commerce Sherbrooke


OUR mission

Commerce Sherbrooke is a non-profit organization whose mission is to steer the evolution of the commercial structure of the territory of Sherbrooke in a balanced and coherent manner, while ensuring that the process is dynamic, adheres to the principles of sustainable development and in collaboration with municipal services and the stakeholders involved. Commerce Sherbrooke has taken upon itself to promote specific values while accomplishing its mission. These values are: integrity, thoroughness, responsibility, transparency, and respect.


Commerce Sherbrooke works with three specific client groups:

1. The city of Sherbrooke


  • propose a vision, strategies, and a short, mid, and long term action plan for the development of the city’s commercial structure;
  • annually update the action plan for Sherbrooke’s commercial structure development;
  • provide opinions, recommendations, or requested research related to the revitalization and development of the city center and the various commercial zones;
  • act as an advisory committee regarding physical intervention projects in the city center along its main business and commercial arteries.

2. Potential investors


  • host investors and provide professional assistance and advice for their commercial development projects and in establishing their business;
  • foster the development and strengthening of commercial zones through targeted recruitment efforts.

3. Sherbrooke retailers


  • support business groups and associations in their commercial activities and promotional projects.

One of Commerce Sherbrooke’s major roles, which applies to all three client groups, is the creation and management of a decision support system: the Observatoire commercial.